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So far so good

If the capacity can go bigger it will be great

The only portable blender I need

I'll leave an honest review because HiBlendr deserves it :
1. Portability: The size is perfect to fit side pockets of my bagpack, so it serves the purpose. It's pretty heavy but that's not a bad thing that means it's packed with sophisticated motor and mechanics. Also the blender comes with a strap, I could hang it to my wrist to prevent my butterfingers from dropping it while commuting with it.

2. Purpose : It blends well for it has powerful motor and blades. The ice and fruits are blended finely. I enjoyed the smoothies made with this blender a lot. Cleaning it is so easy, I just followed the instructions given in the manual that came with the blender. One charging session could blend about 10-12 times without charging. How convenient.

3. Presentation : I mean, hello? The color is so chic, it turns heads. It's so pretty and screams soft pastel at the same time. It's giving luxurious item vibes. The container is made of tough clear and thick plastic it almost looks like glass. Love it.

I'm glad I purchased this and my doubts are gone when I unboxed it. I hope other customers enjoy it as much as I do too

Thank you so much for your detailed and positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your HiBlendr experience. Happy blending!

Convenient gadget for daily basis!

Absolutely convenient for my daily pre-workout meal. Just blend and go as it is. Bottle with sleek design too. Love it!


Bought for my daughter to use in college. All it takes is only 20-40 seconds of blends, fresh juices and smoothies are healthy and ready to drink. Easy to wash with just a button click. THANK YOU & LOVE IT !!

Planning to buy again for Birthday present and Xmas present in the coming months :)

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
good and satisfied.

i just tried, it is super easy to use and definitely convenient and worth it!! i'm done posting in instagram and many of my friends got influenced to buy this! hehe thank you for creating good product

Good quality, nice , I very like

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
Loo Ai Kern

Good quality, cute , nice


Great for doing anykind of exercise and not just for yoga. Non-slip, durable, easy to clean and quick dry. Recommended item!!

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
Chan Kum Hoong
Jus jus blender go

Superfast delivery by lalamove and Good received thanks

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
Great and convenient product

Recently bought the Disney blender to encourage my kids to ‘drink’ more veggies in the form of smoothies, they already love drinking fruit smoothies, and this was just the thing i needed. Its so easy to make healthy smoothies now, i get them to put the fruits in the cute blender and they love it so much, especially when the blender starts blending haha..Customer service was also fast at responding my queries about the product.

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
very good

so love the cup

Blended with hiblendr mixed berries C-booster with almond milk, yogurt and oats. Voila, it's ready to be consumed. Easy easy, no more cutting fruits and washing is a breeze too. No risk of cuts from the blades. Stylish design with awesome colors.

A healthy start of the Day

The blender works well. Really save me a lot time to kick start my day healthily. Only a slight concern is on the cleaning part at the top inner part of the blender where the battery is located. As I love chia seeds, it will stick around the white rubber tubing and made it hard to wash even with the wired brushes.

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
Nur Zafirah Ramli
Easy to used. Nice and the design looks good

Easy mylife to blend what frap I want. And the design why to cool ?!!! Love it !

Just hiblendr u likes!

Very easy to use this hiblendr. Just put this put that put everything and just blend. Just few second, u get smoothie and easy to maintain and convenient. Recommend hiblendr for everyone or everything from smoothies, quick sauce, icy blend ……. etc

HiFruity Box by HiBlendr™ - Nutritionist Premixed Frozen Fruit Chunks - 3 Bags (Only Available in Klang Valley)
So fresh so convenient

The fruit is fresh in convenient pack..it is a healthier choices. Delivered via lalamove and received in great condition..

Great service

I haven't used it yet because I kept it for Christmas 🎁. Hope all good. Thanks

Juice Cup Pro S - Disney Series (Limited Edition)
Audrey Chan
Disney Mickey Amazing cup blender

I love disney therefor I love this design of Mickey Mouse special edition cup blender. I was amaze when this little blender able to crush ice and it take a shorter time as compare to other brand blender that I have used previously.

Not bad

I love how easy it is to use, however, I do wish you have another top for easy drinking straight from the bottle itself.

Wonderful item

Easy to use and clean, convenient to bring around. In fact I've purchased twice for the item as one place in the office pantry and one at home.

Lovely blender

Good quality product and fast delivery. Customer service is also great. Loving this convenient and awesome blender!

My Minnie

Love it. can crushing the ice. So easy for me to have blended and smoothies drink. Cute is must!!!

Convenient Blender from HiBlendr

Super easy! Hassle free because it is wireless. Convenient to bring anywhere anytime. Fast blend and I love it so much

Love HiBlendr

It is so easy! Bought it from GrabPay. I bought few portable fruit blenders (all KO in short period of time), but this is the best. Been carrying all the time w me. So savvy. Day and night blending fruits it's a must for me. Hope it last long!

Cookies and cream

Ive made cookies and cream for my kids and they love the textures very much. Hiblender able to grind the ice cubes very fine.