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The Technology Behind
All-New HiBlendr™ Juice Cup Pro S (2nd Gen)

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Re-Designed 6 Toothed Blades - 3x Blending Power.

We have upgraded our Re-Engineered Stainless Steel 2 Blades to an incredible
Re-Designed Stainless Steel 6 Toothed Blades, providing 3x the cutting power.

Enchanced Safety System with Magnetic Chip.

Enhanced Smart Safety System With Magnetic Chip to improve the sensitivity of the sensor and activate safety feature effortlessly.

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Better & Faster Type-C Cable Charging.

The future is here, now you are able to experience the freshest flavours everywhere you go with HiBlendr’s portable and Type-C rechargeable blender featuring 50% Faster Charging Speed. After blending 20-25 times on a single full charge (about 2 hours), just simply plug into any USB port or charger to recharge in no time.

Upgraded 4000mAh Lithium-ion Battery.

The all-new 4000mAH lithium-ion battery gives you 33% LONGER BATTERY LIFE. Charge it like a smartphone.

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IPX5 Water Resistant.

We have upgraded our Juice Cup Pro S with the IPX5 water resistant where you can bring this next-generation portable blender to more place without worrying it to be damage by water.*

Malaysia assistance fund

Changing People's Lifestyle

RM 1 from every Juice Cup Pro sold is going towards World Vision Malaysia (WVM), a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice.

When you purchase a HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro, you are not only changing your own lifestyle but also changing another underprivileged child’s lifestyle as well. Together, we can make the world a better place and ourselves to be a better person!

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Meet Our Founder

HiBlendr is founded in Andrew’s dorm in Manchester, United Kingdom in March 2020. HiBlendr has sold thousands of HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro across the world. After years of studying abroad, Andrew realised that people are too busy with their work and they often neglect their health including himself back then.

Andrew then found out that one of the main reasons is that fruits are sometimes hard to carry around or consumed when people are rushing to work/university/gym etc. So HiBlendr started with the two-fold goal; to promote a healthy lifestyle, and allow the healthy lifestyle to be more sustainable and easy to maintain after they found us.

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