Nutriblend™ Superfood Meal Replacement

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Imagine getting ALL 60+ different vegetables & fruits extracts, 3 types of premium plant-based proteins sources, 14 vitamins & minerals, pre & probiotics in a SINGLE highly-absorbable superfood complete nutrition pack for ONLY 89 calories. Fill up your nutrition gap in less than 20 seconds.

Flavour: Pure Belgian Cocoa (15 Sachets)
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Ivy Cheng

Best meal replacement tasted so far

This is so far the best meal replacement that I have tasted. Not to mention it taste so good, and on the same time filling enough for me to start my work in the morning without feeling hungry. Definitely will purchase again!

Suzaidi Adnan

Superfood Meal Replacement

The best meal replacement I’ve ever tried. Really feel kenyang all the time.

Chris Wallace

Loving it

The challenge is to think of what fruit to put in tomorrows delicious smoothie!!


overall taste is decent.

Why Choose Nutriblend?

Detox & Reduce Bloating

Prebiotics being the food of probiotics. Together, they help balance the gut's microbial environment.

Strengthen Immunity

Helps combat free radicals in the body, supporting overall health and protecting against cellular damage.

Help In Weight Control

Only 89 Kcal per serving, packed with rich-nutrients from greens and proteins that meets your needs.

Improved Energy

3 plant-based proteins combo boost your energy while preventing post-meal coma.

Muscle & Joint Recovery

PLX Extracts® can reduce muscle damage & improve joint recovery after exercise.


Your Ultimate Nutrient-Packed Companion!

A well-balanced meal with all essential nutrients in a ONE PACK!

It consists of everything you need in a healthy meal: complex carbs, high quality protein, healthy fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. (We added pro-biotics for you too!)

Did we mention that it's all vegan & natural too?

Pure Natural Cocoa Flavour.

Indulge in the rich, velvety notes of cocoa, all while fueling your body with essential nutrients.

No artificial flavouring, just pure natural cocoa flavour!

60+ Mixed Greens & Grains.

Detoxifying, enhancing digestion, and packed with antioxidants. Pure, natural goodness.

Patented Formula: Oxxynea® (Formulated in France): concentrate of benefits from the Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle made from an exclusive combination of more than 22 fruits & vegetables.

PLX Extracts® (Formulated in Spain): accelerate exercise recovery by reducing the risk of muscle soreness and injury and enhancing joint mobility.

Trio Protein Combo.

Power-packed trio premium protein punch including Sacha Inchi, Soy, and Pea protein. Boost mood, energy, and recovery in a sip.

Pre + Probiotics & Beta Glucan.

Prebiotics are food for beneficial bacteria, while probiotics (1 Billion CFU) are the good bacteria themselves.

Together, they help balance the gut's microbial environment, reducing bloating and promoting a healthier digestive system.

Healthy Meal Anytime, Anywhere.

Perfect portion size where you can slide into your pocket, bag, jacket & have your quick healthy meal on the go.

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No Additives. Just Natural.

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Alen Lim Chun Lin

Nutriblend™ Superfood Meal Replacement